1971 by Humayun Ahmed

‘1971’ is a liberation war novel. The book is written by Humayun Ahmed. Download the Bangla eBook for free from the link given after third paragraph.

The writer describes a true situation of a village of Bangladesh during the liberation war in 1971. This is a story of Pakistan soldier’s cruelty. By reading the book, we can imagine what actually was happened at that time in the villages of Bangladesh. Humayun Ahmed wrote from his experience at that time. Some Pakistan soldier’s came to a village to find some freedom fighters (Muktijoddha). They murdered some innocent people, raped children, and burned houses. But Bengalis didn’t down their head…..


Bangladesh liberation war ebook - 1971 by humayun ahmed

To download the PDF of the Bangla eBook “1971 by Humayun Ahmed”, please click the link given below:
PDF download (7MB, Mediafire)

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