Aajj Himur Biye by Humayun Ahmed

Aajj Himur Biye is a very interesting Himu series book. Humayun Ahmed created this novel in such way that readers would be confused. “Himu is going to marry”, this speech is conflicting with his character. But this was happening. Mazeda khala settled Himu’s marriage with a beautiful girl named Renu. She loved a boy but he was addicted. Her family also disliked the addicted boy. So, Mazeda khala fixed this marriage with Himu. Date was also fixed. Renu’s father was coming from America to attain the ceremony. But Himu already started to play game as his character. He was doing something very good…..

Himu series Bangla eBook - Aajj Himur Biye by Humayun Ahmed

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