Ami Birangona Bolsi by Nilima Ibrahim

The book Ami Birangona Bolsi was first published in 1998. It is written by Nilima Ibrahim. We have created an eBook version of the book. The free PDF download link of this Bangla eBook has been added at the end. The book is written on the basis of those women who were raped in 1971 war, how they treated after the war by the family and the restricted society. Around 30/40 raped women about to leave the country with the prisoners of the Pakistani soldiers. Nilima Ibrahim willingly went there to take interviews of those women. She was very concern about taking their interviews because she did not want to hurt them. Nowshaba Sharafi Dhaka university lecturer and Dr. Sharifa Khatun were also with her to see those ill fated women and had a heartbreaking experience.

The book has 7 birangonas stories. The first one is Tara Banarjee but later on she changed her name as Mrs. Niyelson. For the fear of the society her father could not take her back. She became all in alone. To run the life she learned nursing and had a scholarship on Poland to learn more about nursing. Gradually she managed her all sufferings, married and settled there. Still she cannot forget the birth place of her.

Meherzan is the second women. Her family wanted to take her back to home but the society cannot make that happen. She knew that this country will not accept them moreover she had to take all the blame till her death. So she left the country and lived with Layek Khan (a Pakistani soldier) in Pakistan. She births a son and she was concern about that child future. She also completed her B.A and find out a source of income. But she could not forget her country so she came to Bangladesh and visited to her father’s house but there everything has change. She could realize that here is no space for her.

Rina was the student of Dhaka University. Pakistani military had killed her father and mother before her and taken her to the ‘mrittukup’. After liberty she left Bangladesh and went to the India but her brother rescued her from there and taken her to her home. There another tragedy was waited for her. Anyways, she succeeded to fight with everyone.

The fourth woman is Shefa. She was handed over the Pakistani military by one of her neighbors. After a horrible experience of the Pakistani bunker Shefa was happily accepted by her family but the society could not make them to forget the horrible truth. She accepts the truth of her life and never stay back

Moina was captured by Pakistani military when she went to rescue her father. After war Moina came back home but the society insulted her and made her to left her home. After that she went to Dhaka and got married there.

Sixth woman is known as ‘foti pagli’ but her name was Fatema. This book has seven birangonas stories but this is the woman who is treated most badly and that affect her mental condition as well.

Seventh one was married women and had a child. After rescuing from the Pakistani bunker, she came back to her husband house but her husband could not take back to her. Moreover, the only child was not handed over to her.

So many hazardous situation came to our birangonas life still they did not lose their hope. They accept all the troubles and fight all those.

Bangla eBook free download - Ami Birangona Bolsi

The book was published by Jagriti Prokashoni. You can buy the hardcopy from the Jagriti Prokashoni stall at Aziz Super Market.

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