Bhoy by Humayun Ahmed – Misir Ali

Bhoy is a Misir Ali series Bangla novel which is written by Humayun Ahmed. Misir Ali is mainly a fictional detective. He has a special interest in paranormal activities of the human psyche. In this book he also faced some paranormal activities of some humans. Download the Bangla eBook for free from the link given below (after 3rd paragraph).

3 Misir Ali stories included in this book. First one is ‘Chokh’ (Bengali – চোখ). It is about abnormal behavior of a man and one of his eyes. Second one is ‘Zin Kofil’ (Bengali – জ্বীন কফিল). It is about a woman who believes that an Evil is always with her and killed her new born baby. Misir Ali comes and saved her baby and the woman. Third one is ‘Songini’ (Bengali – সঙ্গিনী). Here a man was dreamed terrify. But after awake he saw that the dream is truth. Once, he came to Misir Ali and……


Misir Ali Bangla ebook download Bhoy by Humayun Ahmed

To Download the PDF of the Bangla eBook ‘Bhoy by Humayun Ahmed’, please click the link given below:

PDF Download (9.23 MB, Mediafire)

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