Biggani Anik Lumba by Jafar Iqbal

Bangla Book ‘Biggani Anik Lumba’ is written by Muhammad Jafar Iqbal who is a popular science fiction writer of Bangladesh. Download PDF of the Bangla eBook for free from the link attached at the end of this post.

Anik Lumba is a scientist of Bangladesh. It is not his real name. This name is given by Jafar Iqbal. His name was very long, once in a seminar, writer asked his name and the scientist said his name is ‘Onek Lomba’ (Bengali – অনেক লম্বা). Writer didn’t here properly, he thought that the scientist said his name ‘Anik Lumba’ and writer wrote the name in his name card. From that time the scientist is known as Anik Lumba. Actually he is a genius scientist. Jafar Iqbal describes his intelligence in this book interestingly.

Free Bangla eBook Biggani Anik Lumba by Jafar Iqbal

To download PDF of the Bangla eBook ‘Anik Lumba by Jafar Iqbal’, please click the link below.

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