Chappanno Hajar Borgomile by Humayun Azad

Chappanno Hajar Borgomile is a famous bangla book of  Humayun Azad who is a prolific Bangladeshi author and scholar. He wrote more than seventy titles. He was widely known for his anti-establishment, anti-religion and anti-military voice and was reputed for caustic remarks. The book was first published in the year 1994 from Agami Prakashan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The pdf version of the Bangla book Chappanno Hazar Borgomile is added at the end of the post. Download the ebook for free from the mediafire link.

Bangla pdf ebook Chappanno Hajar Borgomile by Humayun Azad


To download the pdf format of the ebook Chappanno Hazar Borgomile by Dr. Humayun Azad for free, please copy the link given below and paste it to your browser.

The ebooks library of Humayun Azad: Books of Huamyun Azad.

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