Daruchini Dip by Humayun Ahmed

Bangla book Daruchini Dip is written by famous Bangladeshi writer Humyun Ahmed. Download the Bangla eBook for free from the link given at the end of this post.

Once, some boys and girls planned to travel the island ‘Saint Martin’ for one week. In the novel the writer tells about the younger’s excitement, sentiment and fact. Shuvro, one of the members of the team, is half blind and he can’t see without glass. He is a good student and his friends called him “Kana Baba”. Another one is Anushoka. She managed other four girls. Jori will not go with the team because of her marriage. But at the last moment she joined the team with the help of her aunty. Boltu can’t manage money but at the last moment his friend’s father gives him money at the station. All the characters and situations are described nicely.

free bangla ebook download Daruchini Dip by Humayun Ahmed

To download the free Bangla PDF eBook ‘Daruchini Dip by Humayun Ahmed’, please click the link given below.

PDF download (9.3 MB, Mediafire)

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