Debi by Humayun Ahmed – Misir Ali

Debi is the first book of Misir Ali series written by Humayun Ahmed. Many abnormal things happened every day in the world. Rational explanation is not possible for some things. In this novel, Misir Ali faced some matters that could not be explained. The story is very interesting, something like horror. Free eBook download link is given at the bottom.

Ranu is a very beautiful girl but she is mentally sick. Her sickness started when she was child. She had supernatural power. She could measure something in advance. If she dreamed a thing, it happened actually. She thought that a Goddess lived with her. Misir Ali tried to explain rationally but something was out of explanation….

First Misir Ali series book - Debi by Humayun Ahmed

Download Misir Ali series Bangla eBook Debi by Humayun Ahmed from below:
PDF download (9.41 MB, mediafire)

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