Dewal by Humayun Ahmed

Bangla novel Dewal of Humayun Ahmed is not published yet. Prothom Alo, a Bangla newspaper of Bangladesh, published only two parts of the book on May 11, 2012. After publication of those parts, people started to criticize Humayun Ahmed in Bangla blogs and in social Medias for wrong and objectionable information about the history of Bangabandhu Shekh Mujib murder on August 15, 1975. The High Court of Bangladesh issued an injunction on the publication of the book on May 15, 2012. A High Court Bench ruled that the book ‘Dewal’ will not be published until the wrong information is corrected.

Criticized Bangla political novel Dewal by Humayun Ahmed

We expect historical and political novels from the popular writers but it is pathetic to see such type of thing happened from a writer like Humayun Ahmed. We love our country and we should not support change of the pathetic murder history of the Father of Bangladesh. See some criticisms written by,

  1. Omi Rahman Pial
  2. Kulada Rai
  3. Fazlul Bari

We attached the PDF of two parts of the book Dewal by Humayun Ahmed below. Please read or download the partial novel from the below links.

Download Dewal by Humayun Ahmed PDF, or read the book online.

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