Ek mutho chalochchhobi 2

Ek Mutho Chalochchhobi 2 is a movie related Bangla eBook. After getting popularity of the first part, second part was published about one year later. The eBook is arranged with the movie reviews and movie related writings written by the bloggers published in different Bangla blogs. There is no printed version of the book and this is free for all.

Do you want to know about famous and great movies, actors, directors, writers of the world? Read Ek Mutho Chalochchhobi part 1 and 2, you will learn lot about movie. This is the first and best Bangla eBook about movie reviews. Recently we have lost some of our great assets – actor Humayun Faridi, Mishuk Munir and director Tarek Masud. So the eBook is devoted to them. We expect that 3rd part of the book will be published soon.

Ek mutho chalochchhobi 2 - world famous movies reviews in Bangla


Download the PDF of the Bangla eBook Ek Mutho Chalochchhobi 2 for free from the link given below:
PDF Download (18.63 mb, mediafire)

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