Ek mutho chalochchhobi – eBook about movie

Ek mutho chalochchhobi (এক মুঠো চলচ্ছবি) is the first Bangla eBook about movie. Mainly this is a collection of movie related writings and movies reviews by many bloggers from Bangla blogs. All the best reviews are collected. Read this eBook to increase your knowledge about Bangla and Hollywood films. The book is free for all. Download the PDF from the link given in this post.

The editor of this film related eBook is Shekh Aminul Islam and, other members of editor panel are Kawsar Rusho, Masum Ahmed, and Saifuzzaman Khaled. This is smart looking and informative. You will find the history of Bangla movies, world’s famous movies review and many others good writings about this topic by the bloggers. Thanks to editor panel for this nice eBook.

Bangla movie review book - Ek Mutho Chalochchhobi by bloggers

Download the PDF of the Bangla eBook ‘Ek mutho chalochchhobi’ from the link given below.

Free PDF Download (9.06 MB, Mediafire)

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