Ekattorer Cithi

Ekattorer Cithi (একাত্তরের চিঠি) is a collection of many letters written by different freedom fighters during the Bangladesh liberation war 1971. During the liberation war, freedom fighters wrote letters to their father, mother, or wife from their fighting place. Some of them died and some are alive still. We can assume the situation of that time, their sorrow, happiness, experience etc. by reading the letters. All letters are collected by Prothom Alo and Grameen Phone and they published a book with those letters. All letters of the published book are not included in this eBook of Ekattorer Cithi. Only 13 to 50 pages are included in this eBook version. This eBook is made and edited by some bloggers. This eBook free and it is not usable for any business purpose. Download link is given below after the picture.

Bangla Liberation war eBook Ekattorer Cithi

To download the PDF of the eBook Ekattorer Cithi, click the link below:

PDF Download (376 kb, mediafire)

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