Harano Mig – Masud Rana

Harano Mig is a Masud Rana series Bangla thriller novel, which is written by the most popular Sheba Prokashoni book writer Qazi Anwar Husain. Download the eBook version of the book from the link given below:

Masud Rana is very popular to Bangladeshi book readers. Qazi Anwar Husain who is also the publisher of Sheba Prokashoni creates this character. Mainly, Masud Rana is a spy thriller novel. He is a spy of Bangladesh Counter Intelligence (BCI) and head of the private investigation firm ‘Rana Agency’. He always worked for Bangladesh and never failed in any mission given by Rahat Khan who is the head of BCI.

In this novel, the mission of Masud Rana was to find a Mig-29 Aeroplane, which was lost from Russia after purchased for Bangladesh.  The pilot was died in Cairo. Masud Rana found the Mig-29 at Sahara. He fell in life risk when came to rescue the plane. Tamij Uddin and Akkel Ali, the terrors, planned to kill Masud Rana. There was no way to safe himself from the situation….. Read the interesting thriller…. Download the PDF of the book from below.

Sheba Prokashoni Masud Rana Series book - Harano Mig

To download the Masud Rana series Bangla eBook ‘Harano Mig’ in PDF format, please click the link given below:

PDF Download

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