Himur Ache Jol by Humayun Ahmed

Himu-r Ache Jol is Himu series bangla novel written by Humayun Ahmed. The book is published recently in Ekushe Book Fair, 2011 but 1st published from Eid Edition of Onnodin (Bengali Magazine). Download the eBook’s pdf for free from the link added at the end of the post.

Nothing to say about Himu, he is very popular in Bangladesh. “Himu” is short for Himalay, Humayun Ahmed said he actually derived Himu from his own name, Humayun. When asked whether Himu is his alter ego, he said that he is half Himu, and half Misir Ali (another popular character from his books).


bangla book download free himur ache jol by humayun ahmed

Download Himu series bangla book ‘Himur Ache Jol by Humayun Ahmed’ for free in pdf format from the link given below.

Download (pdf, 1.38 MB,Mediafire)

Download the other free pdf ebooks of Humayun Ahmed from the book library : Books of Humayun Ahmed.

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