Horton Ishkapon by Humayun Ahmed – Misir Ali Series

Horton Ishkapaon is a nice Misir Ali series novel of Humayun Ahmed. The book was published in 2008. Download the PDF of this book from the link given at the end.

Misir Ali series book - Horton Ishkapon by Humayun Ahmed

Misir Ali is known as a psychologist and detective. He has a special interest in paranormal activities of the human psyche. He worked for the abnormal things and tried to solve in rational way. The story of this novel is very interesting. Misir Ali was introduced with some strange characters – Mansur and Reba. Reba was a mentally sick girl. She had killed her husband and child. Mansur tried to prove that he had extraordinary power and tried to fear Misir Ali in many ways. Misir could not solve some things…..why was Mansur behaving strange with him…was there any connection of Mansur with Reba…..

Free download link of the Bangla eBook is given below:

Download Horton Ishkapon by Humayun Ahmed. (4.06 MB, mediafire)

(PDF is taken from murchona.com)

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