I Love You Man – Masud Rana – Sheba Prokashoni

I Love You Man is a Masud Rana Series Bangla thriller. This series is the most popular Sheba Prokashoni books. Masud Rana, the central character of the book, is very popular to the young generation of Bangladesh. This is one of the bestseller books of Sheba Prokashoni. Download or read Bangla eBook ‘I Love You, Man’ from the link added at the end of this post.

I Love You Man have three parts. These were 78, 79, and 80 number books of Masud Rana Series. All three parts are added in the PDF. File size is also small. PDF eBook is made with text (SutonnyMJ font) rather than pictures. This book is called one of the best Masud Rana Series books. I personally read this more than one time.

The story is very interesting and full of thrill. Once Masud Rana was sent to an island as punishment. Saint Mari, a very nice island. People are also gentle. He fell in love with the island and the people. He bought a boat named Jolkumary. He found two great hearted man there, Radrik and Lamponi. But danger is everywhere…. Read the full great story…

Masud Rana Series book download - I love you man

To read or to download Masud Rana series Bangla eBook ‘I love you man’, please click the links below.

Read I Love You, Man, or Download PDF free (mediafire, 2.29mb).

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