Kepler 22b by Jafar Iqbal

Kepler 22b is a new science fiction Bangla novel written by Jafar Iqbal. The book was first published during the Ekushey book fair 2012. Download the PDF of the Bangla eBook free from the link given at the end of the post.

Kepler 22b is a planet of another galaxy far away from our earth. Once, our earth fell in critical situation. Robots were trying to take control of the earth from human. Those robots were as like as human, no way to detect them as robots. But, there were no humanity, love, affection among them. They were more intelligent than human. That time, world was controlled by network. Everything was depended on network. The president of science council was controlling the network. Robots targeted to take control of the network. Their force entered in every important sector and mixed with human, no way to detect them. They would kill every human or convert into robots after taking control of the network. At that situation, the president of science council had taken a major decision to save the human. He selected seven human for sending them to another planet. He thought that these seven people could create a nation on that planet. So, human civilization would not destroy. The name of that planet was Kepler 22b. After starting the journey, the president of science council found that two robots entered on that team…. What was happened there? Read the full story… download the science fiction Bangla eBook of Jafar Iqbal from below.

New Bangla Science fiction book of Jafar Iqbal Kepler 22b

To download the Bangla PDF book ‘Kepler 22b by Muhammed Jafar Iqbal’, please click the link given below:

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