Megher Upor Bari by Humayun Ahmed

Megher Upor Bari (মেঘের উপর বাড়ি) is a new novel of Humayun Ahmed. This Bangla book is first published by Prothom Alo Eid Magazine 2011. This is something like horror type novel. Download this Bangla eBook from the link given at the end of the post.

He is a professor of Applied Physics. He died in hospital. But he found that his mind didn’t die, he can understand and see everything around himself. He can read others mind, can move everywhere, but can’t say anything. Police found that he was murdered and they think, professor was murdered by his wife Rubina. Police suspect that Rubina killed his husband by poison because she loved another person. But the Professor knows, his wife is innocent and she is not responsible for his dead. He was trying to save her…. Read the full interesting story by downloading the eBook for free.


new horror novel of humayun ahmed megher upor bari

Download the free Bangla eBook Megher Upor Bari by Humayun Ahmed in PDF format from the link given below:

PDF download (919 kb, mediafire)

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