Mrittur Shad by Rakib Hasan – Western

Mrittur Shad is a Western Series bangla book written by Rakib Hasan of Sheba Prokashoni. Sheba Prokashoni’s Western Series is very popular.Free Pdf download link of the ebook and information are given below:

Western book Mrittur Shad has three parts – Mrittur Shad, Khuner Pahar and Dushmon. In the first story Mrittur Sadh,is about an unbellievable return of a Grisely Ber attack.Khuner Pahar is about a murder mistry.And the last one Dushmon is about traditional western story.


Sheba Prokashoni Western series ebook Mrittur Shad

To download the Sheba Prokashoni western eBook – Mrittur Shad by Rakib Hasan, please click the link given below.

Free PDF download

Free bangla E-book library of Western Series of Sheba Prokashoni : Western Series Books.

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