Muktijuddho Ekattor – Punished war criminals under Dalal law

The book ‘Muktijuddho Ekattor – Punished war criminals under Dalal law’ (Bengali – মুক্তিযুদ্ধ ’৭১ – দালাল আইনে সাজাপ্রাপ্ত যুদ্ধাপরাধী) was made by ASM Shamsul Arefin and published by Bangladesh Research and Publications. Many 1971 war criminals were punished under Dalal law and those news were published in different newspapers at that time. Shamsul Arefin collected all the news and published in this book. He also added dalal law, dalal law cancel notice, and some other newspaper collections about this issue. This Bangla eBook download link is given at end.

After returning to Bangladesh freed from Pakistan jail on January 10, 1971, Bangabandhu spoke at Rescourse, ‘an investigation must be happened of the massacre of 1971. We expected that an international impartial investigation team would investigate the barbarous massacre.’

On January 24, 1972, Bangladesh Government introduced a law order, which was called Dalal law for a trial of the war criminals. The order was finalized after some corrections. More than thirty seven thousand war criminals were arrested under this law. Judgment was started in 73 courts over Bangladesh.

On November 30, 1973, Government pardoned those who had no specific evidence. However, on that press note, it was specifically mentioned that mercy would not be applicable for those who were accused for rape, murder, trying to murder, firing house etc. After that announcement, about 26 thousand people were freed, and more than 11 thousand were in trial. Judgement was continued of that 11 thousand. Within 1973, 752 war criminals were sentenced by the different courts.

After the murder of Bangabandhu Shekh Mujibur Rahman, General Zia freed all the war criminals and cancelled the Dalal law (December 31, 1975).

Bangla book - Muktijuddho 71 - Dalal Ainey Sajaprapto juddhaparadhi

After a long time, Bangladesh Government started the trial of 1971 war criminals again. We accept that the judgement will be continued and all war criminals (juddhaparadhi) will be hanged.

Download and read the eBook ‘Muktijuddho ’71 – Dalal Ainey Sajaprapto Juddhaparadhi’, and see the news published by the newspapers of that time about the punishment of the 1971 war criminals.

Download PDF Muktijuddho Ekattor – Punished war criminals under Dalal law, or Read the eBook.

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