Mukto-Mona eBook – Biggan O Dhormo – Songghat Naki Somonnoy?

The eBook  ‘Biggan O Dhormo – Songghat Naki Somonnoy?’ (Bengali – বিজ্ঞান ও ধর্ম – সংঘাত নাকি সমন্বয়?) is made with the writings of some mukto-mona blog writers. In 2008, mukto mona blog requested to submit writings to the bloggers for this book. Then the eBook is created with some selected writings. Some of the writers are – Avijit Ray, Nastiker Dhormokotha, Oparthib, Saikat Chowdhury , Banna Ahmed, Akash Malik, Biplob Pal, Digonto Sarkar, Ananto Bijoy and many others.

There are conflicts between science and religions. They cannot go together. This conflict started from the beginning of science. To established science, lot of scientists were killed or punished. However, the progress of science was not stopped.  We have freedom to think rational. We have information available to judge things. We can understand the facts. Moreover, we know religions always work as a wall against the progression of science. Like this, many things are discussed in the eBook. In the first chapter of the book, there are some discussions about creation of universe. From the second chapter, we will find some reasonable discussions about planning, intelligent design, and God. Some Bengali translations of world famous writings also included in this eBook. Conflicts between science and religions are discussed in the third chapter. We have seen that some people always find science in religions. When science invented some new things, religious people tried to prove that those were already included previously in their religious books. We will find the reality about this thing in chapter four of this mukto mona eBook. Lot of other topics about science and religion are discussed in this book like; morality, source of religion, secularism, terrorism, women vs religion, creation of human etc. This is really a valuable book for freethinkers.  This eBook will help us to think, judge, and know the truth about science and religions. Download the Mukto-Mona eBook Biggan O Dhormo – Songghat Naki Somonnoy from the link given below.

Free Bangla eBook for freethinkers - Biggan O Dhormao - Songghat Naki Somonnoy

To download the Bangla eBook ‘Biggan O Dhormo – Songghat Naki Somonnoy?’ (বিজ্ঞান ও ধর্ম – সংঘাত নাকি সমন্বয়?), please click the link below:

Download PDF (14.29 MB, Mediafire).

Mukto-mona blog published the eBook in their website but it was divided into different PDF files. We compiled all PDF files to a single PDF (total 1069 pages). Mukto-mona link –

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