Muldhara 71 by Maidul Hasan

Bangladesh liberation war book Muldhara 71 was first published in the year 1985. The fifth edition of that book was converted to eBook version in 2008. Muldhara 71 is called the most reliable source of 1971 war. Maidul Hasan, writer of the book, and the publisher released the free eBook version in the web. The objectives were – make the book available all over the world, as anyone can know the actual history of 1971; help to make an English version of the book; help to research and write new documents on liberation war Bangladesh.

Maidul Hasan described the total history from March 1971 to January 10, 1972 (the day of Shekh Mujibur Rahman’s return to Bangladesh). He planned to write a history about the war in 1972 and he finished his writing in 1985. In 1971, Maidul Hasan worked in some issues as associate with Tazuddin Ahmed. Those experiences made him to create such trusted document. The book is the reliable document of the planning, organizing and facts of 1971 war (Muktijuddho). Download and read Bangla free eBook Muldhara ’71 and spread it everywhere.

Liberation war eBook Muldhara 71 by Maidul Hasan

To read or to download the PDF of the eBook, please click the link below:

Download PDF Muldhara 71 by Maidul Hasan, or Read the eBook version.

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