Nondito Noroke by Humayun Ahmed

Bangla novel Nondito Noroke is the first book of the writer Humayun Ahmed. Nondito Noroke was written while he was a student of Dhaka University. After the book published, he gained immediate popularity and critical acclaim. Download the pdf format of the book Nondito Noroke for free from the link given at the end.

The story of the novel is very touchy. My eyes filled with tears many times when I first read this book. Nondito Noroke may be placed in top among his hundreds of novels. After reading the book, Ahmed Sharif had written, “বাঙলা সাহিত্যক্ষেত্রে এক সুনিপূণ শিল্পীর, এক দক্ষ রূপকারের, এক প্রজ্ঞাবান দ্রষ্টার জন্মলগ্ন যেন অনুভব করলাম।”

bangla book free download - nondito noroke by humayun ahmed


To Download the pdf version of the ebook Nondito Noroke by Humayun Ahmed, please click the link below:

Download PDF ( 7.85 MB, Mediafire)


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