Omanush by Humayun Ahmed

Humayun Ahmed’s Bangla Thriller ‘Omanush’ was first published in Rohossho Potrika from Sheba Prokashoni. The main theme of the thriller was taken from the book ‘Man on Fire’ written by A.K. Kueinal. Download the pdf of the Bengali eBook for free from the link added below.

It was Italy. Mafia Families were on control. Viki, Run and their sweet and beautiful little gilr Any – three members happy family. For the little girl’s safety,  Viki hired a bodyguard who was a Bengali person named Jamshed. Once the girl kidnaped by one of the Mafia gang and Jamshed was injured. The 12 years old little girl raped and murdered by the girl’s uncle including his gang. Jamshed loved the sweet girl as much as his life. He started to find the criminals and murdered one by one……  people were with Jamshed….. A thrill…. Read the full story …


Bangla pdf ebook omanush by Humayun Ahmed

Click the link below to download the eBook in pdf format.

Download (5.13 MB, Mediafire)

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