Onno Bhuban by Humayun Ahmed – Misir Ali

Onno Bhuban (The Other World) is a bangla novel of Humayun Ahmed’s Misir Ali Series. Misir Ali is a very popular fictional detective, the protagonist and a renowned psychologist in a series of novels by leading Bangladeshi author and playwright, Humayun Ahmed. Misir Ali is basically a rational psychologist committed to unravel the mysteries around him. In the books, Misir Ali is portrayed as a very intelligent lone part time professor of Psychology of the University of Dhaka. Though he is not a professional psychiatric consultant, but because of his special interest in paranormal activities of the human psyche, people suffering from such problems come to him in search of satisfactory solutions.

A little girl named Tinni, can read others thinking, have a telepathic communication power. She can live without eating anything, can see in dark. The psychiatric, Misir Ali came …… found that the girl is not only a human but also a tree…… Read the full story of the book by downloading pdf for free from the link given below.


Misir Ali Bangla ebooks by Humayun Ahmed

To download the Misir Ali series bangla free pdf ebook – Onno Bhuban by Humayun Ahmed, please click the download link attached below.

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