Pak Sar Jamin Sad Bad by Humayun Azad

The bangla book Pak Sar Jamin Sad Bad was first published in the Daily Ittefaq’s Eid supplement in 2003. In that write-up Dr. Humayun Azad tried to expose the politics and ideology of Islamic fundamentalists of Bangladesh. After that book published he started receiving various threats from the fundamentalists. On February 27, 2004, he became the victim of a vicious assassination attempt by assailants near the campus of the University of Dhaka during Bangla Academy book fair. A week prior to Dr Azad’s assault, Delwar Hossain Sayeedi(War Criminal- Rajakar), one of the religious leaders of Bangladesh demanded, in the parliament, that Dr Azad’s political satire Pak Sar Jamin Sad Bad be banned and demanded the introduction of the Blasphemy Act on the author.

Dr. Humayun Azad explained the fact or original characteristics of the Islamic fundamentalists and war criminals of Bangladesh in his book Pak Sar Jamin Sad Bad. I have added the pdf version of the book. Download the ebook from the link given below. It is free.

Pdf bangla book Pak Sar Jamin Sad Bad by Humayun Azad


To download the free pdf format of the ebook Pak Sar Jamin Sad Bad by Humayun Azad, copy the link given below and paste it to your browser.

Pdf ebooks library of Dr. Humayun Azad: Books of Humayun Azad.

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