Pakhi Amar Ekla Pakhi by Humayun Ahmed

Bangla novel ‘Pakhi Amar Ekla Pakhi’ (পাখি আমার একলা পাখি) is written by famous Bangladeshi Author Humayun Ahmed. Download this eBook for free from the link given below after the picture.

Rupa is Ranju’s wife. She is beautiful and strange characteristic woman. Her mother died, she was foreign. Her father spent most of the days outside the country. Ranju’s family members didn’t like her although she was honest and always tells the truth. Rupa was insulted many times in this family because her mother was a ballerina and her father was not actually her father. Ranju loved her very much but he was backbone less. He could not save her from insulting. Once she leaved everyone……


Bangla Book Pakhi Amar Ekla Pakhi by Humayun Ahmed

Download the Bangla eBook Pakhi Amar Ekla Pakhi by Humayun Ahmed by clicking the below link:

PDF Download (Mediafire, 7.37 mb)

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