Phenix by Jafar Iqbal

Phenix is a Science Fiction bangla book written by Muhammad Jafar Iqbal, who is a famous Bangladeshi science fiction novel writer.

A Genetic Engineer made a virus named Equena. If a man is affected by the dangerous virus ‘Equena’, his brain will damage, the man will die in short time. The virus can spread in wind and there is no treatment. Armies  used it as a weapon for threaten another country. Once the virus spreads as a mistake. It spreads everywhere in the world. Most of the people died….. Read the full interesting novel in pdf format by downloading free from the link given at the end.


science fiction pdf ebook phenix by jafar iqbal

Click the link given below to download the pdf of the science fiction ebook Phenix by Jafar Iqbal.

Download (4.12 MB, Mediafire).

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Free E-book library of bangla Science fiction  books: Science Fiction.

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