Phire Dekha 71 – Liberation War eBook

Bangla ebook Phire Dekha 71(Bengali – ফিরে দেখা ৭১) is based on liberation war of Bangladesh – 1971 (Muktijuddho). The ebook is written by some popular bloggers of Somewhereinblog. Editor and Publisher is also a blogger named Localtalk. It is a internet edition of the book and the internet edition pdf is published in July,2008. Some unique topics are included in book that you will not find in any other book about liberation war of Bangladesh. This book is a valuable historical document of Bangladesh Liberation War. Some well known bloggers who wrote the book – Localtalk, Omi Rahman Pial, Fahmidul Haque, Raha, Mizanur Rahman, Shafiqur Rahman, Sawkat Hossain Masum, Biplab Rahman, Hasan Murshed, Farhad Uddin Swapan, Abul Bahar, Shusanta…. and many others.

Download the free ebook, read it and spreads to others if possible.

liberation war of bangladesh free pdf ebook - Phire Dekha 71


To download the Pdf of the Liberation War book ‘Phire Dekha 71′, please click the link given below:

Download (6.47 MB, Mediafire)

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