Pret by Jafar Iqbal

Bangla horror book ‘Pret’ is written by Muhammed Jafar Iqbal who is a popular writer of Bangladesh. Download the free Bangla eBook from the link attached at the end of this topic.

A short review of the horror novel: Rumy is a student of Dhaka College. He is an orphan boy and lives with his uncle. Once, some Evil’s servants kidnaped him because he was the perfect media to invite Satan. It was a dangerous experience. A child murdered for the satisfaction of Satan. Rumi ran away from the house and told details to the police. He became sick and admitted to hospital. A major brain operation was saved his life. But he got some extra power; he could read other’s mind, mainly the evil people’s mind. Once, a popular artist started to kill children serially. But Police could not trace the murderer. Rumi traced him and then entered to a new life….

Bangla horror book Pret by Md Jafar Iqbal

To download the Bangla horror book ‘Pret by Jafar Iqbal’ for free, please click the link below.

PDF Download (5.4 MB, Mediafire).

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