The Grand Design – Bengali Translation by NC Das

The Grand Design is a famous book of Stephen Hawking. NC Das translated the book into Bengali and created the eBook version. The Grand Design Bangla version is free for all. Please download the PDF of the eBook read the book online from the link given at the end.

How the whole universe was created? Who created the earth? Universe cannot create itself, Newton said. Was it God, who created the universe?
No, Gods help is not needed to create a verse. It can create itself. Stephen Hawking proved that. He explained with physics. For the law of gravitation, world can create itself from the zero. Also, there is a probability of existing multiverse. The rules may different for other verses. The whole things are interesting. You can learn the facts from the book The Grand Design. He also explained the M-theory, the theory of relativity, the theory of quantum mechanics etc. If you have interest about the design of world, science, please read the book. We are grateful to NC Das for the suitable Bangla translation and for the PDF version of the book.

The Grand Design - translated into Bangla by NC Das

To download or to read the Grand Design, Bangla translated eBook by NC Das, please click the link below:

Download PDF or, Read The Grand Design Bengali translation online.

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