The Rape of Bangladesh by Anthony Mascarenhas

The 1971 Liberation war book “The Rape of Bangladesh” was written by Anthony Mascarenhas and translated to Bengali by R N Trivedi (Ranatri). The English version of the book was first published on October, 1971 during the liberation war. Download the scanned copy of the book in PDF format from the link given below after the picture.

Anthony Mascarenhas was a journalist of ‘the Morning News’ of Pakistan. He came to Dhaka in the April, 1971 during the war and inspected the situation. He had seen the violence by Pakistan army. On 3rd of May 1971 Anthony reached London and communicated with the newspaper ‘Sunday Times’. He handed over all reports written by him to Sunday Times. All the reports were published at June by the newspaper and for this the world knew about the situation of Bangladesh. The book ‘The Rape of Bangladesh’ was published at October, 1971. Mainly all those report were included on that book. This book was translated into Bengali by R N Trivedi and published from Popular Publication at 1989. The great Anthony Mascarenhas was passed away on 6th December, 1986. He will live always to the heart of Bangladeshis.

bangla liberation war book The Rape of Bangladesh by Anthony Mascarenhas

Download the PDF of the book “The Rape of Bangladesh by Anthony Mascarenhas” (Bangla Onubad) for free from the link given below:


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